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Optical Axis Adjuster

Model : DTK-OP-MAA-001A
Adjusting and multi axis quality inspection in lens module development or production
  • Measuring 5 points (Selective use available)
  • Measuring and judging of P1-P2 distance correspond to the datums
  • User setting available within measuring range or out of measuring range
  • Measuring data save or output
  • Machine itself internal examination
Product Specification
Size(mm) W450 * H1000 * D600
Electricity AC220V, 50/60Hz
Control Method PC with monitor and Measurement soft-ware
Z Axis-Stroke 300mm
Z Axis StraightnessWithin 3um /50mm Stroke
Resolving Power 0.01um
 Repetitive Accuracy 0.53um
Light Resource Laser Diode
Digital Camera, Phone Camera and Other Optical Products