About Daeho Technology Korea

DTK I met

Changwondae-ro, Palyong-dong, Changwon-si, from No. 5 traffic light crossing, on the corner of the second three-way intersection bound for Masan.
DTK painted in yellow to stand out. It is a total solution company, 90% of whose employees have degrees in machinery and control system, to research&develop, manufacture, and sell various kinds of manufacturing, evaluation, measuring equipment required for factories

On the entrance of a 1,000 pyeong-wide small factory is a eco-friendly multi-sign system, which has its own generating system with the solar energy and wind, is introducing itself as DTK, and the mottos of DTK under the signs are; “Work like a professional, enjoy like a jolly lad” ‘Lead your life with love, volunteering and sharing“...-
It’s like reading a poem.

On the left of the entrance, there is a tower made of bottles with time capsules of 50 Jinhae elementary school students’ dream and wish inside. Above the tower is a cross, a statue of Buddha and a statue of the Virgin Mary facing each other. The religious symbols are together in a sense to make a world everyone can care about and accept differences between people.

Pass the yard, then enter the door. As the door opens, 108 blue LED flicker making a heart mark and they look like a butterfly that welcomes me flapping its wings. On the big monitor below, today’s humor, simple English dialogue, and this week’s excellent employee’s face pass by and two pretty children in Hanbok give me welcome greetings.

The 35 stairs leading me to the office on the second floor are not usual as well. There are flowerpots and aquatic water pots in a row as if they are showing me the way, and there are employees’ picture, names, and their mottos you can’t find in any book.
On the wall of the stairs, there are pictures that show the history and memories of DTK, employees’ family pictures, pictures of donation to various organizations and schools, and pictures of lecturing set in frame.

I entered the CEO’s office after coming up the stairs as if walking on the red carpet. The CEO’s office was also very special. On the wall of the 4 pyeong wide room are printings of good pieces of writings to give new self-awareness like a kindergarten. You can also find some flowerpots and an aquatic water pot. However, it’s very distinguishable that there are fish constantly swims inside the water pot. What CEO Jung Young Hwa does first in the morning is to feed the fish moving constantly and to push himself up to be vigorous.

CEO Jung Young Hwa, smaller than I thought, gave me his name card that looks like ink was spattered on, but the name card says “Driver Jung Young Hwa”, not CEO or representative.
I asked him if he uses the name card when he visits China or Japan, but this Driver Jung explains everything about the company to me with the name card. He tells me the reason he wrote ‘driver’ in his name card. In the middle of his 30s, a company he worked for went to bankruptcy in a single day and he had to invest 5 million won with his friend and ran his own business. The basement in Myeongseo-dong residential area, in his early 30s. The company was not enough to be called a company, he was shy to call himself 『CEO』or『CEO』so he made a name card with the name of 『Department Head』.

One day, his company got a call to find “Department Head, Jung” but his employee said “There is no one like Department Head, Jung.” The person again asked “Is there no Department Head Jung Young Hwa?” then the employee said “He is our CEO.” CEO Jung realized that the person who called considered him favorably to be modest. When he first entered a company, he could feel the difference in social standing, between 『Executive』and 『Employee』 like an ancient society. Therefore, he said he thought of 『Driver』as a proper position for the world where everyone can be equal, to be friends or co-workers, without any discrimination. He has been using the position for 25 years and he has been so satisfied with it. When he meets a taxi driver, he becomes his friend as a 『Driver』, he is 『Driver』as he really drives when he delivers products, he operate machinery and equipment as a 『Driver』, and he runs his company and could be so-called a 『Driver』, too. He shows an indulgent smile saying there would be nothing more proper than Driver. It seems like the smile is embracing his dream to make “our beautiful world.”

He owns 5 subsidiary companies and is running them in a form of ameba. He has a dream to be called “President” when the sales go over 1 trillion won. The field is full of manufacturing equipment. Approximately, the number of equipment could be 30. I asked what kind of equipment was it and he said it is curve glass equipment of Korean S company’s latest Galaxy Edge model. It is great that you can buy the product after paying 90% of the total amount in advance. CEO Jung seem proud of his work saying that there would have never been Galaxy Edge model if DTK had not developed this product and this is the best product he has made for 25 years of his career.

However, at the end of the month when the machinery is shipped out, the factory becomes empty like a company that went bankrupt or an empty field after harvest. This is because they create something out of nothing only with ideas, not with any facility, and it is surprising to see an empty factory filled with ideas. The company worth having a company motto『Making Artworks』.

While I was wondering there would be something if he could fill an empty factory with ideas, I was led to a conference room. All employees gather here for Wednesday Assembly every Wednesday with 3 minutes of speech of the week’s assembly representative, a video lecture, and CEO’s speech. The walls were covered with certificates of patent, and the room was full of the best technology research team prize of Changwon-si and presidential prizes while the press release were explaining the achievement of DTK. In the middle was a horse. I asked what it was and was told to wait for the explanation.

He introduced the company using PPT.
The company motto, “Making Artworks”, 50 employees, 50 billion on the yearly sales, the Seoul branch, and the office in China and subsidiary companies. Expecially, the introduction video CEO wrote the script for, which seemed like a life record, was very impressive. I had a lump in my throat when watching a scene they eat meals at a small kitchen range in the basement of the company that went bankrupt. As an answer to my question about the horse, the video showed me that he was leading the motto of “Our Beautiful World” on the horse. He said he lets his employees ride a horse to prove their will to carry forward everything without stopping. The rough breath of the rider leading the motto of “Our Beautiful World” was proving the strength of DTK.

The present is already the past, and it seems that DTK’s habitualized culture and philosophy made it possible to make the world’s best curve glass equipment with 100 days of overnight working out of 365 days on their own will. Moreover, 100 million won was given to the leading roles who developed the equipment with the habitualized culture and philosophy. I should say it’s such a generous company. CEO’s expectation for a talented person he wants to give 300 million won to next year seems very realistic.

Appreciation, love, volunteering, and sharing, which is the fundamental resource for DTK to grow, seems to be completed by activities registering as a member of Inner Society and giving 200 million won of scholarships to Seoul National University, Changwon University, and Meister High School, etc.

In particular, DTK is training manpower under the slogan of “earn 100 million won by 30 years old, get the Master’s degree by 40 years old, and earn 1 billion won by 60 years old” by accepting graduates from Meister high schools and specialized high schools all over the nation thinking you should accumulate professional knowledge in your 20s, and 7 out of total 50 employees are now studying for their bachelor’s and doctoral degree. Of course, the Korean government and the company are responsible for the expenses 100%. It is a company that raises young generation who want to be judged by their skills by working first, studying later rather than the day working and night studying like the farm hardship period.

He was born crying, but he wants to die hand-standing with smiles. So he wakes up 4 o’clock everyday and keep his mind and body healthy with 108 healing exercise he made up on his own, and goes to work reading 4 newspapers. He makes excuses that he is using tricks for his own happiness, but from my point of view, he is the doer who behaves for others than himself. I wish him, who is a small guy but has an impressive smile, to fulfill everything he wants and becomes a lamp to light the world up. Would be the reason that CEO Jung Yong Hwa, who was smaller than I thought, seems like a small giant that I was so impressed by him?

Around 7 o’clock when the darkness began to fall after finishing the whole schedule, the multi-sign system was lighted up and DTK and DTK people’s will shined in the sky.
At the same time, my heart got warm as if I was in my mother’s arms.